Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Strawberry Shortcake

After IJ made strawberry shortcake in class at the mother's day party, we got the supplies so he could make it at home. Sareny and Isaac took turns cutting the angel food cake.
 I am pretty sure Finley girl was sleeping while this activity was occuring.
Then Isaac made a dessert for Daddy and Sareny made a dessert for me, and of course they made one for themselves too.
They made a pretty yummy dessert, and they are always so proud when they get to help make things!


Jolynn said...

That lookes really yummy! And I think it's great that they love to make things and help you cook.

lexi said...

Those kids are such loving siblings! And does Sareny have a balloon on her wrist or something? Yummy dessert too.