Monday, June 24, 2013

Me and my Sareny Agnes

 I wanted some pictures with my oldest baby girl, of course, so we took a few.
 She is growing into such a sweet, kind, beautiful young lady.
 I think the next picture might be my favorite one.
 What can I say? Two teen mods. ;)
I like having these special photos with each kid so much, I might try to do this annually or something. Although I will probably actually style my hair next time.
The kids all gave me a kiss.
 I think we got some really precious photos.
 I love my little Sareny girl.


Jolynn said...

I think it is such a great idea to take individual pictures with each child!!! You should def do it every year. I wish I had thought of doing that when you kids were young. Once you get several kids, it's always a picture with everyone in it. Which is nice too, but sometimes it's really special to just have some with one kid at a time. You are beautiful, so I don't know why you said you don't like the way you look! (you said that in Finley's photo shoot post). Sareny is really growing up and liking it and getting as pretty as her Mom!

cassidy said...

Two teen mods indeed! You and Sareny look so beautiful in these pics. You have great lighting in your front yard and it brings out your eyes and your lovely skin in all of these pics of you and your kids.

cassidy said...

P.S. I think that Isaac is the kid who looks the most like you. Especially in these pics of you and Sareny, you look so similar to Isaac.

lexi said...

I love all these pics with you and your kiddies. I love the picture you said is your fav. It is good lighting and you both look pretty in it. Hair neat, eyes open, expressions pleasant...