Saturday, December 22, 2012

Decorating the Christmas Tree

We decorated our tree the Monday after Thanksgiving. I love having Christmas decorations out--this is just such a fun time of year. Our tree looks a little bit silly this year. The bottom of the tree is pretty bare, and then there are places like the ones in the above picture that have multiple ornaments adorning a single branch. Isaac apparently did it on purpose--he wanted all of his ornaments together. It seems like most years, I take a picture of the kids holding up their favorite ornament. I really have no idea why Isaac was making such a silly face, but when I showed him this picture today he laughed his head off and told me to put it on the blog. So here it is.
I had been planning on using this one--much more better, I think. Sareny got Belle for Christmas when she was two, Isaac's Godzilla was his ornament from last year (2011), and Finley picked out Minnie Mouse as her souvenier at Disneyland in October 2011.
Daddy lifted Sareny up to put the star on. It makes me a little sad that Daddy won't be able to lift his little girl up like this for much longer.

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