Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Spooky-ooky Dinner and Halloween

We had our traditional spooky-ooky dinner the day before Halloween this year, and Scott and Elise joined us. On the menu--witches brew, of course, and witch finger cookies.
Deviled monster eyes.
Jack-o-lantern quesadillas. This meal was thrown together at the last minute, but I thought it was a fun time.
On Halloween, we quickly carved pumpkins before our neighborhood party. Poor Keeley was not happy to be relegated to the exersaucer, but sometimes you have no choice.
Finley and Lexi worked on one together.
Finley decided she wanted a happy pumpkin, and it turned out super cute.
We cleaned all the pumpkins out while the other kids were still at school so they would be ready as soon as they got home.
I helped Isaac do a scary one and Lexi helped Sareny with a design she came up with on her own. The kids also carved a little pumpkin for Keeley. Below--Isaac's, Keeley's, Sareny's, Finley's.
We had dinner at our neighbor's house, and then Keith and Keeley sat with the neighbors while Lexi and I took the kids around with the group.
Sareny and Isaac with a girl in our group.
Finley wanted to sit in the stroller. The whole time. Even if we were just moving from one garage to another, she would run and jump in.
Me and the kids. I was glad to have the stroller though, because at some point, the kids' buckets got too heavy so they dumped the candy in the basket.
We were joined on this outing by a nerdy PE coach...we pretended we didn't know her when she started olympic-style speed walking around the neighborhood. Actually, it was pretty darn hilarious.
The kids' pumpkins all lit up.
And a parting shot of the kids by their pumpkins. We had such a fun Halloween this year!


lexi said...

how dare you! but really, i am the coolest nerd coach around and am dang good at speed walking! i had fun with going trick n treating with the kids.

Jolynn said...

But what if some people didn't realize Lexi isn't really nerdy and just thought she always wears her shorts like that? Just a thought..... The pumkins turned out super cute. That brought back lots of memories of us all sitting around on the floor carving pumpkins and Dad and Jake making really good scary ones. Your spooky-ooky dinner looks yummy AND scary!