Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Funny Finley, Impish Isaac, and Silly Sareny

Wow, that's a pretty cheesy title. Well, we all know that kids say the darndest things. Here's a few funny things the kids have done recently.
One day, Finley asked the Magic 8 Ball, "When is I'm going to get older?"
Finley likes me and Lexi to play Duck, Duck, Goose with her, however, she plays the game a little differently than most. She goes around the circle and says things like, "Baby Duck," "Cutie Duck," "Fighting Duck," "Tooting Duck what likes to dance." Whatever she assigns you, you have to act out. It's a pretty silly game.
One evening we put the kids to bed, and Sareny was reading a story to Finley before they turned out the lights. Pretty soon, down they came for a drink of water. Isn't the whole "I'm thirsty" bit one of the classic bedtime delay tactics? As they came down the stairs, Sareny said, "All that reading made me thirsty." Finley said, "Yeah, and all that listening made me thirsty!"
When Isaac is telling you about things, he frequently says, "This one's much more better." It's pretty cute, and Lexi and I like to use that expression now too.
On his school picture day, I asked him to show me how he was going to smile. He walked over to show me, and I saw that he had syrup smeared all over his face. He smiled, and I said he looked handsome. He said, "Except the food on my face isn't very handsome, right?"
We just went to check out a nativity display at the church, where lots of people had set up their nativities for everyone to enjoy. We came up to one that featured bears as the characters in the nativity, and Isaac said in a very puzzled voice, "What? That one has bears!" I'll be honest, I thought the bears were pretty strange too, and it made me laugh. There was also a framed picture of baby Jesus on an easel. Isaac pointed that out, and said, "Someone has a picture of Jesus!" I said, "Yeah, that's pretty nice, huh?" He said, "It would be pretty hard to take a picture of baby Jesus."
I recently came across a post I started back in 2009 that I apparently forgot to finish. It featured some silly things Sareny had said back then. It's possible I've recorded these things somewhere else, but just in case, here they are for posterity.
One day she said, "I can't marry Isaac, because he's my brother. I'll marry Rhys. (he's her first cousin.) That's okay, right mom?"
We were looking at an old baby picture of me, which had always been my favorite photo of myself as a baby. My mom had styled my hair in a little baby mohawk/swoop type of curl--you know the type I mean. Sareny saw it and asked, "How come you have a snarl on top of your head??"
In 2010, we'd been looking at houses for a while, and as we drove through a neighborhood, Sareny said, "Ooh, a cul-de-sac!" Guess she'd been paying attention.


lexi said...

these kids say funny stuff all the time. when is im going to get older is such a great question to ask the magic 8 ball! and i do like using igits saying of much more better... or subbing in any word like much more easier or much more cuter.

cassidy said...

I love reading about the funny things kids say! They are just so cute. Igits reminds me of Truman. He says "way much better" and James and I find ourselves using that phrase a lot now!