Tuesday, December 11, 2012


The three older kids all played soccer this year, and they had so much fun! Sareny was so excited to have her tia Lexi volunteer to be her coach this year. That was pretty cool. Sareny wore number two this year.
Their team was navy blue and they were The Pirates. One of the (few) perks of being the coach--you get to pick the team name!
 Grammy Jo and Bampa took the above and below pictures when they were here. Sareny breezes by the sinister black team, and with Lexi after the game.
Sareny's best friend Emily was on the team for the first half of the season, and then she moved away. Sareny still had a lot of fun playing--she worked really hard and improved each week. Below is her and teammates Drew H. and Mason R.
Here she is lined up with Bryce J. and Dillon P. to play offense, her favorite, with Drew on D.
I really enjoyed watching her games this year--they were rather intense sometimes! It was a lot of fun to watch the players all get better.
The huddle after their last game.
I lined everyone up for a picture. Left to right: Dillon, Diego, Nathan, Bryce, Sareny, Drew, Mason, Lexi. Not pictured: Jacob H., Dorian B., and Emily, who had obviously moved.
Some of the boys started doing silly/teen model poses.
Our allstar!
Isaac and Finley played on the same team this year in the prek/k division. Their games ranged from being fun to watch, to being boring, to being frustrating. That age would be so hard to coach! The very first play of the very first game, Isaac drove the ball down for a goal.
That was pretty exciting! He was quite proud, and his coach, my friend Bridgette J., gave him five.
Isaac definitely played a lot better this year than he did last year. When he was trying and paying attention, he did pretty good.
Here is Chase G., Isaac, and Finley lined up for a kickoff. This year, Isaac wore number three and Finley wore number five.
This first game, Finley didn't actually do too bad. She mostly paid attention and was at least running after the ball. As the season went on, that was not always the case.
Here she is with teammates Kade C., Will., Sydney J., and Chase, and she is actually kicking the ball.
These are from the last game of the season. She wanted to wear sunglasses that game. I was pretty proud of her for stepping up this game and trying a little harder than she had been.
Isaac fighting for the ball. He scored at least one goal every game except for one. Near the end of the season, his asthma started acting up, and he sometimes had a hard time breathing.
This was Finley's best play of the season, she actually dribbled the ball down the field a ways. Pay no attention to the fact that she is slightly out of bounds--that's perfectly allowable in their league!
Isaac gets a high five after scoring another goal.
And the end of the season huddle and cheer for the other team.
Learning about sportsmanship by shaking the other team's hands. Their team name was The Speedy Wolves, which I thought was pretty cute. The funniest team name we encountered was The Tigerlions. Pretty clever.
The team: Finley, Oscar, Isaac, Will, Chase, Sydney. Not pictured was Kade.
My two soccer girls.
 Three soccer all-stars! Next year Isaac will be moving up a division, so his games should be more exciting to watch. I expect that Finley will play more like I know she can more often. Sareny will be in the same division again, and she really was fun to watch. And hopefully Lexi can return to be Sareny's coach again--that would be awesome!


Jolynn said...

I'm so glad we got to come and watch them play finally! It really was fun. We're very proud of all of them.

lexi said...

i loved my soccer team! espesh sareny anna! and those boys make me laugh posing in the team pictures. and yes, isaac and finely's games got dull rather quickly, and i only watched a few games. and i just laughed at finley's best play of the season dribbling the ball out of bounds. but most of the time she did just stand there and the ball would hit her feet so it looked like she kicked it.