Saturday, December 8, 2012

Trunk or Treat

The week before Halloween, we went to the church for the annual trunk or treat party. Here are the kids in their costumes. Isaac was a zombie football player. Sareny originally said she wanted to be a zombie cheerleader, so I picked out black and hot pink for the cheer costume I made her. When I made comments about how we could rat her hair up, or make her makeup crazy, she would respond, "I kind of want pretty hair," or "can we do my makeup like it was for the cheer camp?" At which point, I realized she really just wanted to be a pretty cheerleader. Which was fine. Mostly.
I think I may be the slowest seamstress in town, because it took me most of a day to make Sareny's cheerleader outfit. Oh well, it turned out cute. I made the little girls My Little Pony costumes. While I was sewing them, I was concerned about how hot they would be wearing them, but it worked out perfectly since it was actually cold that night. Finley was Fluttershy.
Keeley was Rainbow Dash. The hardest part of these costumes was the "cutie marks" on their bottoms. You can see Keeley's rainbow in this picture. Since I didn't have a pattern for these costumes, I just had to try and make it up, so it took me a while to get it right.
Sareny with her best friend Emily.
Sareny and another good friend Sammi.
The two that were supposed to be zombies...wouldn't that have been cute?
Isaac and his best friend Andrew, who was also a zombie.
We had lots of fun at the party. The sad news was, Emily and Andrew had their moving van all packed up and ready to go, and they left town the next morning and headed off to Tennessee. We're all still sad about that.


lexi said...

awesome job on all of the costumes! the kids all look so cute dressed up.

cassidy said...

The costumes are super cute! The zombie football player and cheerleader would have been super cute, but it cracks me up that secretly Sareny just wanted to be a regular cheerleader! The My Little Ponies are really cute too! Awesome job on making that without a pattern!!

Jolynn said...

Yes, Hill, your costumes have become legendary, and this year was no exception. Super job on all of them. I didn't know the pony costumes were done without a pattern! If those bronies would have known that, they would have been even more encited.