Sunday, December 16, 2012

Kindergarten Feast

Isaac's school had a feast for the kindergartners the Thursday before Thanksgiving, which was their last school day until after the holiday. They didn't really invite the parents to come, but they had lots of parent volunteers that were told to stay and eat with their child, so I figured they wouldn't notice an extra mom or two. I'm not able to do much volunteering this year because we have a baby, and I wasn't even sure I could make it down to the school in time since I had to get Finley to preschool first, so I never told Isaac that I might come down to eat with him. But I sure was glad I made it there! There were tons of parents milling about and Isaac was thrilled to see me.
They had all the kindergartners come in the morning, and he had so much fun that day at the "fun centers," where they played games and made things like his pasta necklace. Here he is with his teacher, Mrs. Isaacson. So glad I got to spend this special time with my boy!


lexi said...

fun that you got to sneak in for the festivities. isaac is the cutest kindergartner. and it sounds like a fun thanksgiving feast with the fun centers.

Jolynn said...

I'm so glad you made it there. I bet it meant a lot to Isaac. He is such a cute little bug.