Wednesday, December 5, 2012

We Entered the State Fair

We entered the state fair last year and enjoyed it so much, we decided to enter again this year. Sareny made two entries--Reese's cupcakes and Grammy Jo's famous poppyseed bread. It was tough getting her entries done, since the Monday we had to bake she got home from school just in time to head off to soccer practice. She started her baking after soccer, around 7:00 in the evening. Her projects looked great though!
This was Isaac's first year entering, since you have to be at least six to enter. He chose to make tortillas, and since he has afternoon kindergarten, he got to make his entries in the morning on Tuesday, the day they were due. He mixed up the ingredients, rolled them into balls, and then pressed them on the tortilla press. Then I had to teach him how to cook them on the stove. I was a little bit nervous about this part, but he did great and was flipping them like a pro.
I entered another gingerbread house. I almost didn't do one this year--having a new baby takes a lot of time and energy, but decided it would be fun to try another one. Here is this year's house.
The back of the house had a potting shed with a little lean to and some shelves.
View from the back of the house.
My favorite part of the house--the cute little garden. I made cabbages from marshmallow fondant. The carrots were piped out, with a piece of spaghetti coated in green frosting for the leaves. Next is the tomato plant, and the crook neck squash plant, radishes, and more cabbage.
The front yard with a crushed necco path, and lots of flowers everywhere.
I loved the little terra cotta pots and spades.
Another view of the whole house.
This house had piped gingerbread trim around the doors and windows.
Several birds roosted on the roof.
Side view of house.
It was a lot of work, but lots of fun too. I drove our entries down to the fair after dropping Isaac off at kindergarten. For the next few days, we all eagerly awaiting the judging!


lexi said...

totes awes gingerbread house girlfriend! i forgot Sareny had to stay up late baking after practice. and i loved eating igits tortillas.

Kandice and Rob said...

Very cool!!

A Bunch of Fuls said...

I love your gingerbread house again! So amazing!!!

A Bunch of Fuls said...

Can I get your tortilla recipe?

Sam said...