Monday, December 3, 2012

That's a pretty serious blogpost

Keith's old roommate Nathan George came from Indiana to Phoenix for a conference and we picked him up at the airport for a short visit. I don't think we had seen him in over 10 years, and it was really nice to catch up. He is one of those people that is pretty good at keeping in touch with friends, even if they don't make so much of an effort in return...that's definitely something I could be better at. But we were thrilled that he thought of us and squeezed in a visit.
He was pretty disappointed at our lack of a 10 foot couch, but seemed impressed that our BLTA sandwiches were pretty "serious." He is the guy who christened Keith's old Subaru Blue Thunder, always called their roommate Derek Big D (and still does), and invited us camping at the Grand Canyon our first time. Anyway, a nice visit with a funny guy. If we ever make a cross-country trek, we'll have to visit his family.


Anonymous said...

What a hunk! Keith, I mean!

Anonymous said...

Few people know that the Fallstrom Five are actually two time State Champs at the Arizone State Fair! When it comes to Enticing Icing, Keith and Hillari taking their gingerbread houses seriously!

lexi said...

That was a pretty serious visit from Nathan! But really that is awesome that he thought of visiting you guys. I'm sure it was fun to catch up. And he was really nice when I met him.