Sunday, December 9, 2012

Fall Festival

The weekend before Halloween, we had visitors! Holli and John were visitng from Chicago, and Grammy Jo and Bampa came so they could see the kids' soccer games and the primary program. We had a fun weekend! Friday night, we went to the school's Fall Festival. Keith and Bampa met us there from a nearby golf course, and John stayed home because he wasn't feeling well.
Good thing Holli and Grammy mentioned having the kids wear their costumes, because I hadn't been planning on it. But it's always good to get another wearing out of your costumes and lots of kids were in costume.
I couldn't believe how many kids (mostly boys, and mostly older than Sareny) loved the My Little Pony costumes, especially Keeley's Rainbow Dash. It was kind of funny.
We took the kids around to the carnival booths.
They each tried mini golfing.

Finley was so close to getting it in!
They had some fun bounce houses.
Isaac and Sareny at the top waiting to race down.
Rhys and Finley climbing up.
Isaac doing a scary face.
A Sissies picture.
Probably the favorite activity of all the kids was the cake walk. We did that one quite a few times. Isaac's teacher was in charge of that booth, and she told us later that she kept trying to pick Isaac to win--he kept going back in the line to try again.
Fortunately, Rhys won a cake that he shared with all of us.
There was a cute petting zoo area.
And a really nasty swimming pool full of cooked spaghetti that you had to dig around in...I never could figure out exactly the point of it. Isaac was the only one of the kids willing to try that one.
They also had a semi-scary spook alley that we took the kids through. Other than being pretty crowded, it was a pretty fun event, and even more fun to share it with cousins and grandparents.


lexi said...

Rainbow Dash is my favorite pony!! Haha, I can't believe all those bronies. The kids sure had fun at the festival... well except maybe the haunted house we went in. I'm glad shared his cake walk prize with us all. Also, the petting zoo was so cute with the baby ducks and chicks.

Jolynn said...

That festival was totes awes! I can't believe how huge it was, and all the work that someone put into it. I'm realy glad we got there in time for that, because it was so fun to watch all the kids having so much fun.