Saturday, December 1, 2012

Cuties at QT

When we saw that a new QT was going in on Estrella, we were excited, I tell you! We weren't just excited about a closer place to get gas, (which really isn't too close, considering it takes about 20 minutes to get there...) but we love the drinks and treats at QT! Probably a good thing it is 20 minutes away, really. But we immediately planned an outing to QT on opening day, wherein we would all look cute, hence the "Cuties at QT."
And then I found out I had a primary meeting that same evening, which made it impossible for us to get there on opening day. You just can't imagine the tears of disappointment around here. I seriously considered telling the primary people that I couldn't make it to the meeting because I had a prior go to the gas station with my family...yeah.
So we went the following morning instead and got the above picture, which isn't quite as "cutie" as I had anticipated, but oh well. We are loving the new QT!

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lexi said...

I love cutites at QT! Especially those cuties. I just laugh thinking about you not showing to your primary meeting because you needed to go to a gas station, so its probs a good thing you went to the meeting.