Monday, December 10, 2012

State Fair with Grammy and Bampa

Another thing we wanted to do with Grammy and Bampa was take them to the State Fair so they could see the kids' exhibits. The kids were very careful to keep the ribbons a secret so they could be surprised at the fair. It was a fun day! In the bugs exhibit, Isaac and Rhys got caught by this giant spider.
Keeley and her Grammy Jo--love this picture!
Grammy and Bampa with their grandkids.
Then we let the kids color on this grafitti wall for a bit--they loved it! Isaac has come a long way in his drawing--a year ago, he had never drawn anything except for scribbles. I am not kidding. Now he will sit and color/draw for a while with the other kids.
This mermaid was a source of contention--Sareny had been working hard on it and then Isaac colored her hair. Sareny got mad at Isaac, so he drew his own mermaid.
I love how chubby it is with a little tail at the bottom. Cute!
Lexi helped Rhys with his drawing. Holli and John were at a wedding, so we took Rhys with us to the fair.
It may have been the extra kid, or strangely but seriously, the extra adults that contributed to the catastrophe that happened next. We left that area, got up to the exit, and noticed that Isaac was not with us. Usually when this happens, it just takes a couple of seconds/minutes to locate a dawdler, but in this case, he was truly gone. We searched and searched, and ended up at the "lost children" police trailer. They let me know they had found a child and were retreiving him. Why it took so long, I don't know, but we waited there for probably 5 or 10 minutes before they brought me my little boy. We were so glad to see him! Isaac really was not able to describe the situation well to us at all, but as far as we could tell, he stopped to look at something and nobody noticed. I have no idea who found him or how he got help, but thank goodness someone helped him, and he was okay.
After the fair, we ate dinner at Cooperstown, where some of us had a BIG UNIT! The next day after church, Grammy and Bampa and Holli, Johnny, and Rhys went home. We had a fun visit with them!


lexi said...

That was a fun trip to the fair. I laughed at Isaac's mermaid! It is such a funny mermaid. Poor Igits getting lost at the fair. We were all frantically looking for him and then he had a police escort!

Jolynn said...

Well the Fair day certainly was interesting. I enjoyed seeing the proud kids with their entries and ribbons. But then the catastophy (not sure if that is spelled right...)with losing Isaac. I will never forget him running to Keith and just sobbing on his shoulder! It made me cry and I felt so darn bad for the poor kid. Sadly we all know this is not the first, or porbably not the last, time he has gotten lost!