Sunday, December 2, 2012

Spirit Line Girls

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the girls were part of a spiritline cheer camp at the high school. They had so much fun! They had two practices during the week, and then they performed at halftime of the high school football game. Finley was probably one of the youngest performers they had.

The girls were so cute, and Sareny was super excited.

My friend Bridgette made their adorable hairbows, and Lexi did their hair and makeup.

Me and Lexi ready to go.

Here we are at the football game. I was shocked at how bad the home team was getting beat; after the game I found out the other team was a much bigger school.

Fin had so much fun with her good friends! Alora, Finley, and Sydney. You can see from the following pictures how pretty much everyone tried to alter their shirts in some way. They were so huge!

BF's--so cute!

A smiley girl waiting for the show.

Then I walked the girls down to the field. I love how they are holding hands.

We were all so surprised at how good Finley did. She is sometimes a bit reserved and was too embarrassed to show us anything before the show.

But she was totally getting into it, jumping and kicking, and looking so very cute.

They did a couple of cheers and danced to "Feelin' Hot, Hot, Hot."

I was sad and mad that Sareny was on the back row--she isn't very tall and it was difficult to see her. But she looked adorable and did great. In the above picture, to her right is Lexi from her soccer team, and to her left is Sammie from church.

After the show, which was by far the best part of that game, we ditched out and headed to QT for a "cuties at QT" pic with the whole gang and a celebratory treat.

The Jankowski's met us there, and we sat at the outside table for a while. Pictured below is Scott, Finley, Sareny, Lexi, Sydney (who is blocked by the post), Bridgette, Ty, Isaac, Hillari. Such a fun, cute event!

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lexi said...

I just loved watching those little cheer girls! Finley and Sareny did so good. And si, we were all surprised by Finley! And check out those cuties at QT!