Saturday, December 15, 2012

Keeley makes more messes

As noted before, Keeley loves her veg. I love how completely filthy she got in these pictures!
That little grin! It's like she's saying, "I'm messy and I know it!"
Such a silly smiley girl with green goo all over her!
Grabbing the spoon--why do babies have to do this?? It would be so much easier to feed them if they weren't such grabby-guts!
You can see why lunchtime frequently means bathtime around here! You can also see why we took Keeley's helmet off when it was time to eat. (And if you're wondering about the helmet, or DOC band, there will be a post soon explaining all about it!)


Karena said...

I usually give my babies a spoon of their own to hold while I feed them. It seems to work pretty good. I understand about frequent bath times needed!

cassidy said...

Oh my word! I have never seen such a messy eater! Tru was pretty good and let me feed him - he didn't grab and smear like it appears KeeKee does! These pics are super cute!

Jolynn said...

I can't believe how much she likes the veg! And that looks like something gross like peas or green beans. Yuk. But she is so super cute with her cute green face and smile!