Friday, December 21, 2012

We rode the Polar Exress

We were so excited to finally ride the Polar Express this year! The Saturday after Thanksgiving, we headed off on our adventure. Everyone is supposed to wear pajamas--here we are in front of the engine that looks just like the one in the book and movie. Here is Grammy and the kids in front of the cute ticket booths.
We were all so excited!
The train conductors were called chefs. Here is one of them taking our tickets as we boarded.
Half of the group on one side of the train.
The other half of the group.
Later we figured out how to turn our seats so we could face each other. Not a lot of leg room, but more fun. The cute girls--Fin and KeeKee had matching Minnie Mouse pajamas, and Sareny had Smurfette jammies. While on the train, we had cocoa and cookies and visited the North Pole. On the way back we sang Christmas carols, which was my favorited part.
Isaac, who was wearing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, spotted a visitor to our train.
It was Santa Claus! He gave everyone on board their own special Polar Express Bell.
The girls tested their bells out to see if they could hear them.
Keeley decided a more thorough investigation was required, and utilized more of her senses to test out the bells.
I told that side of the train to smile at the camera, and just as I went to take the picture, KeeKee lunged for Bampa's glasses. Grammy Jo obviously feared a repeat of the event that has gone down in infamy, wherein baby Sareny scratched Bampa's glasses.
I don't remember what they told us to say, but whatever it was, Finley said it really loud.
Sareny always wants to hold her sissie.
 And a parting shot of us by the giant engine again. We had such a great time on the Polar Express and would love to ride it again next year. The only downside of this trip was, because we bought our tickets last minute, we had to ride the train in the afternoon while it was still light, and there was no snow when we got to the North Pole!


shauntel said...

Ha! We also bought out tickets late and had to go on the afternoon train. I didn't think it was as great as going at night would be. We went the day before you. There was tons of sun coming in the train windows, which made most of my pictures terrible. Maybe we should try to go together one year.

cassidy said...

I keep laughing at that picture of KeeKee getting Bampa's glasses and Grammy Jo freaking out!

The Polar Express looks super fun! I'm so jealous.