Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Fall Cleaning

Right before Thanksgiving, I became thoroughly disgusted with the condition of my van. In fact, it was the day of the Twilight movie when I realized that there was not even the remotest possibility of me driving people in my car to the movie.  The very next day, I pulled out the heavy artillery and went to work. Between hauling all the leftover junk into the house, driving to a carwash, washing, vaccuming, and shampooing, it took a looooong time. It's a good thing we have our own rug doctor, because I spent about two hours just shampooing. I was so thorough, I even shampooed the ceilings, which had splatters of something on it. Lexi came home from work and couldn't believe I would do such a project without her, so she started in on her car too.
Leelee had to go in her exersaucer for a while, since Keith was changing the oil on the car at the same time. Poor girl was not too happy, but eventually wore herself out.
I did feel rather sad for her, but she of course woke up for good as soon as I took her out of the chair. Anyway, it felt so good to have a clean(er) van!

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Jolynn said...

And you should have taken a pic of Dad then taking the Rug Doctor to our car a few days later! But poor little Kee Kee falling asleep in her saucer. (but I would have left her there and not risked waking her up!)