Thursday, December 6, 2012

We Went to the State Fair

First off when we got to the fair, we headed to check out our entries and see if we won. Lexi got a first place for her oreo cupcakes, and honorable mention for her gingerbread cupcakes.
Sareny's Reese's cupcakes got third place.
My gingerbread house won a first place and a best in show purple rosette! How exciting. The five dollar prize money almost covered all of our entries, which I paid for. haha.
Sareny's poppyseed bread won a first place ribbon! Grammy Jo would be so proud. And her nametag even said "Fantastic!" on the back. She was so proud and excited.
IJ Isaac looking for his tortillas...
And he was really happy to win a first place ribbon as well. It looked like his tortillas were judged against other adults, and his still won!
We went in the petting zoo, and the kids found some cute animals, like this little pot-belly piggie, to pet.
KeeKee looked cute in her little helmet. She was so smiley and happy in both of these pictures!
The kids each read three books to get three free rides. Which ends up not being so free, since an adult has to ride with them most of the time. Keith and Isaac rode the swings.
And Sareny and Lexi did too.
The view from the ground...
And the view from the air!
Keith and Isaac were right behind Lexi and Sareny. When they landed, Lexi had a seatbelt malfunction and couldn't get off the ride. The attendants didn't pay much attention to things like this, and I almost thought she would have to ride it again. But Sareny finally got a worker to come over and let her out!
Part of our cute family. I love how me and Keith are the only happy ones in the picture.
Finley of course wanted to ride the merry go round, and I stood next to her.
The kids and I raced down the slides. I love the mega slides!
We had a fun day at the fair, but I totally enjoy the displays a lot more than the over-priced rides. It's much more better going to the fair when you are excited to see how your entries did. Can't wait 'til next year!


cassidy said...

That's SO fun that you all got ribbons! I'm glad everyone's entries did well. Wouldn't it break your heart if someone didn't get a ribbon?

Grammy Jo would be proud that the poppyseed bread did so well. But I thought that you didn't get the recipe since you said you wouldn't keep it a secrud?

lexi said...

yay to the state fair winners! but when do we get our prize money? it was so fun trying to find all our projects. i cant believe i got stuck on that swing ride and the workers didnt really care! love the picture of you and keith with the not happy kids. when finley saw that picture she said to me, "why am i doing that?"