Friday, November 30, 2012

Remaking a Shirt

In Setember, the girls did a cheer camp at the local high school, and they were given shirts to wear to their performance. Unfortunately, the shirts were sized more for amazons than preschoolers, so I pulled out my scissors and went to work on them. I am by no means an expert, or even very good at this type of thing at all, but the finished result was so much better than what we started with. I took a shirt of Sareny's and cut the performance shirt down.

I also cut the sleeves off and cut them way down as well.

And then I tried to put them back together...and that's where it got dicey. I soon realized that I had cut the shirt down too much and hoped it would fit Finley instead of Sareny. And the sleeves--oh those darn sleeves. I had to unpick and reattach them, and I realized that I should have cut them so that I could use the bottom hem instead of sewing a new one. The sleeve hem was a bit fluttery, but still worked. Since I had learned a bit from the first go round, I cut the sleeve out better for Sareny's, but she ended up disappointed that her sleeve wasn't fluttery. Go figure. Here is Fin in the first shirt I made.

Both girls, where you can see the difference in the sleeves.

Despite my difficulties, when we got to the performance, I realized that my girls' shirts looked super awesome. Most people wondered how come they actually had shirts that fit them.


Kandice and Rob said...

Very cool! I remember you re-did Sareny's ATS shirt & it was waaaaay better for a little girl! They look cute :)

lexi said...

The shirts turned out really good! I would have no idea how to do that... so when I have little guls with giant shirts you know who I will be coming to!