Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Baby Love

I think we can all admit that little Rivvy is demanding of our time and attention, but let's face it, she's pretty darn cute and we love her tons.

We decided to try Lexi's sunglasses on her, which took some doing...

Rockstar baby going incognito.

Finley is a lovey big sister.

Isaac loves his little sissie.

A sleeping baby--doesn't happen much around here. And if you have any expectation of her staying asleep, then you better count on holding her for the entire nap as well! But we try to remember that she is growing so fast and soon this stage will be far behind us, so we are snuggling her and loving her as much as we can.


Jolynn said...

Rivvy looks so dang cute in all the pics, but I especially like her in the sun glasses. So cute!

lexi said...

oh rivvy is a cutie!! i love her facial expressions. and i cant believe you got a picture of her actually sweeping!