Monday, November 19, 2012

Trip to Utah part 6, Temple Square

Right after we left Jake and Lizzie's house we hurried back to Noel and Jewell's house to head up to Temple Square. We had decided to take public transportation the whole way there, and the kids were pretty excited. First we walked to the bus station, and rode the bus to the trax (lightrail) station. The bus was pretty crowded, and we just had to grab whatever seats we could find.

Then we got on the train. We were glad to get seats all together this time!

Above is one side of the train--Jewell, Ian, Tyler, Katlyn, and Sareny. Poor Jewell had to manage her three kids by herself, since Noel had to work, so we tried to help her when we could. The other side of the train--Isaac, Keeley, and Daddy.

Finley and Mommy.

Then we got to temple square! The kids minus Keeley and Tyler, who is sometimes camera shy.

We walked right by the family history library to get to our restaurant, and we noticed they had some fun kid friendly things to do. We stopped for a minute to have our picture taken. I wasn't too happy with how it turned out, because he didn't tell us he was taking it. Although really, everybody but me looks pretty good.

Then the kids had lots of fun playing and exploring all the fun things there.

Fin and Tyler played with these train tracks for a while.

It was a fun place to stop for a bit.

Then we walked in to the tabernacle and watched some sister missionaries do part of the tour, like crumpling up a piece of paper.

Isaac and Finley in front of the organ.

Cute cousins Sareny and Katlyn.

We went to the visitor's center and walked around there quite a bit. We enjoyed all of the fun exhibits. The kids lined up for a picture in front of the Christus; this time we were missing Ian. Maybe he was napping in the stroller?

After that, we walked over to the new conference center for a tour. There was a little stream outside of it.

KeeKee in the conference center.

Sareny posed by a fountain in the conference center.

Finley and Tyler having a deep conversation about something.

Our tour was quite extensive, and ended on the roof. Here are the kids with the tabernacle in the background.

Then our tour guide took a group photo for us with the temple in the background.

Finley wanted to sit in the stroller and asked me to take her picture.

Then she posed by this rock wall.

Right as I took the picture, Tyler walked over to be in the picture too. This doesn't happen often that he will voluntarily be in a picture, so I had to take another one with both of them.

Then I took a picture of each of my kids in front of the Salt Lake Temple.

IJ Isaac

Sareny Agnes

Then we got on the very crowded train to head back to Lehi. This time the train was full of commuters, and when we finally got a seat, this is what two worn out little girls did. Cute!

We headed back to Phoenix the following day, after a visit with Sherwin and Laurie Harris (Keith's old roommate), and a brief stop in Scipio. We also stopped in Fillmore to visit with grandma Keel and Frank, but somehow I forgot to take pictures there! Sad. Possibly it was because Keeley was being pretty fussy. I guess another trip is in order so we can get the kids with their other grandparents. The only photo I took on the way home is the kids on the Q's rock.


Jolynn said...

That looks like such a fun day. We have never actually toured the new conference center, even though we've attended conference there. I would like to do the tour sometime. I love the individual pictures of the kids in front of the Temple.

lexi said...

i love temple square! it is so pretty and a great place to be. the kids all look super cute. the old family history library picture is kind of silly... fin is making a funny face and you are just sitting there!