Friday, November 23, 2012

First day of School for Sare and IJ Isaac

The kids started school on Monday right after the Sollenberger game. Sareny was excited to start third grade at Odyssey again--sadly for her, this was the first year that she wasn't starting at a new school.

She chose this gold lame' backpack. I don't think I need to say anything more about it.

Her teacher this year is Ms. McCord, and she is doing great and loving school.

Isaac started kindergarten this year! He goes in the afternoons and loves it!

Here he is with his blue camo backpack.

Isaac's teacher is named Mrs. Isaacson, which he thinks is pretty cool. He is doing really well in school.

Keeley is wondering why it is so quiet around the house...

Good thing she's here, otherwise I would have an empty house three days a week for two hours...


lexi said...

but is it really a good thing leelee is home all day haha? those kids look cute on the first day of school. i like both of their backpacks. that gold one of sareny's has grown on me.

Jolynn said...

That gold back pack just
screams "Sareny" so it is perfect for her. The do look super cute on their first days of school. And those pictures of Keeley! She just always has such a cute expression on her face.