Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Gymastics Show

Sareny's gym was selling tickets to a gymnastics show in September featuring the returning Olympians. We try to rotate through our kids taking turns going on dates with them, so we bought two tickets for a date night. I thought it looked like a really cool show and I'll admit I was a little disappointed that with a nursing baby, I wouldn't be the one taking her. Keith was thrilled to be able to take his daughter on a special date.

They had such a great time! I always loved gymnastics as a kid, and I would have loved going to a show like this.

 Since I wasn't there, I'm not entirely sure what they are doing, but it looks pretty cool. I recognize some of the gymnasts from the Olympics.

Obviously not an olympic event, but it looks way cool nonetheless.

Yikes on the outfits! Keith and Sareny had a fun time on their date, and the rest of us weren't too sad at home, since we were having a good time with Grandma Nancy and Aunt Susan, who had come to visit us.


Jolynn said...

What a fun date night for Sareny and Keith! The outfits are a little hoochie, but I'll bet it was really cool otherwise.

lexi said...

total yikes on the outfits... they are actually quite hideous. but it looks like a super fun show and date. sareny is lucky you go those tickets.