Saturday, November 17, 2012

Utah Trip part 4, Touring our old stomping grounds

After leaving the park, we drove by our old apartment, which was called Villa Maria when we lived there. This is where we lived when we were newlyweds, and it was located at 423 S. State St. in Provo.

We were on the 3rd floor, right in the corner, #306. Our parking spot would have been right next to that white truck. These apartments were pretty old and the AC didn't always work so good, but they were a nice sized 1 bedroom apartment, and we met some good friends while we lived here.

And here we have Roman Gardens, where we met! I liked this old place.

Then we went to walk around BYU campus. We browsed the bookstore and the kids each picked out a souvenier. Can you tell what Sareny got??

Us in the Cougareat. (which was sometimes pronounced coo-gare-iat.)

Then we did checked out the exhibits in the ESC, where Keith had lots of his classes, and I used to work. Cleaning toilets. Actually, I don't think I ever cleaned the toilets there, but I was an early morning custodian. Fun times!

Lastly, we went to the creamery for some ice cream before heading back to Noel and Jewell's for a night of game playing and fun.

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lexi said...

your old stomping grounds! but why didn't you say roman ruins?! totally sareny to be posing with her new pompoms! now i want some creamery ice cream right now!