Monday, November 26, 2012

Look who's eating big girl food!

When Keeley was four and a half months old, we decided to have her try some rice cereal. Here she is getting ready for her first taste.

I love this picture. I can just imagine the caption reading something like, "What the what?! You mean there's other food in the world? Where have I been for the last four months!"

First taste of rice cereal.

Not the most delicious stuff in the world, and it took her some getting used to.

I was actually surprised at how well she did her first feeding. I ended up having to mix up a bit more after she ate the first bowl.

Checking out the bib, to see if it might be tasty...

Just a little bit messy, but not too bad.

And here she is quite happy after her first meal.

Cute smiley girl!


Jolynn said...

Kee Kee is so super cute. That little bug, I miss her. I can't believe what a good little eater she is! She scarfs the veg down like no other.

lexi said...

what the what! haha love the face she is making in that picture. her does love to eat biggie girl food.