Thursday, November 15, 2012

Trip to Utah part 2, Getting There is Half the Fun

After leaving Grammy Jo's house, we had a full day of driving ahead of us. We stopped in Beaver to break up the trip and to visit the Cache Valley cheese factory. We sat at a picnic table and had ice cream cones, and counted how many cows we could see. This picture just may be my favorite from the trip.

Then we stopped in at grandma Q's house for a visit. She held baby Keeley while we visited for a bit, and then we went outside to see her pretty garden.

I have always loved her yard! It is so green and pretty. And I must say this picture is certainly a contender for top pic of the trip...

The kids sat on a little bench in front of some of her flowers.

Isaac climbed up the rock. I always loved this rock as a kid.

Sareny climbed the rock as well.

Then the neighbor's kitty wandered over and the kids loved petting it.

Keith and Keeley on a swing in the front yard.

Okay, I lied above, because this one actually is my favorite picture of the whole trip. Most likely.

The whole time we were at grandma's house, Sareny kept asking where grandpa was. Grandma said he was out working in the fields, and Sareny wanted to know if we could go visit him in the fields. Despite the fact that we didn't know which field he was working in and we didn't have long to visit, she was adamant that we go visit grandpa in the fields, so we finally loaded up in their truck and drove out to find him. As he pulled up in the tractor, the kids all stood there and waved him in, which I thought was just the sweetest moment ever. Grandpa scooped Isaac up to talk to him, and to give him hugs and kisses.

I love how cute he was with Keeley as well.

Then he told the kids to climb up in his tractor and he would give them a ride around the field.

Seriously, I don't think a personal visit with Santa Claus himself could have been more special--he spent one on one time with each kid, then gave them a ride in the "sleigh," which was even red.

The kids with Grandpa Q in front of his old tractor.

Then I took a picture of each of the older kids with grandpa by themself.

He helped Finley cross the bridge.

Grandpa and Finney.

IJ and grandpa.

Sareny in the back of their truck. This color of truck will always remind me of my Q grandparents. Either they've had this truck for a long time, or they keep replacing it with a similiarly hued truck.

The kids got one final hug, and then it was goodbye Scipio and grandma and grandpa Q!


Jolynn said...

Those pictures made me cry! I love every one of them. I know that my parents won't be around forever, so these pictures are very special. It's sad when your parents get old enough that you finally realize they won't always be there.

lexi said...

am i too big to have a ride in grandpa's tractor? because i kind of really want one. i love all these pictures of grandma and grandpa! and i agree about the truck.

Myrna Foster said...

How funny! I think we stopped by your Grammy Jo's house one time when we were going to the Y. I'd forgotten.

Your kids are adorable. :o)