Sunday, November 11, 2012

It's a Party in the USA

This picture has nothing to do with the rest of this post, but here is a cute picture of Sareny holding baby K Rivvy.

While the Ronq's were here, we celebrated Rhys's birthday at Peter Piper Pizza. I believe Rhys may have gone to Peter Pipe's three times on this trip, but who's counting? It was a fun party. Scott and Keith were able to meet us there after work, and Rhys's grandpa John came over from the east side. Here is Finley driving a car.

This one was Rhys' favorite--I think it was a roller coaster ride.

Lexi and Scott helping out IJ and Fin.

Daddy held the baby girl.

Tia Lexi and the birthday boy.

Some of the partiers.

Rhys and his gramps.

Some more partiers.

Blowing out his candles.

After partying it up at Peter Piper, we headed back to the Star Tower, since John had never been before. I guess I should say here, John was in Europe for the first half of Holli and Rhys' trip, so he missed out on some of the things. He was even in London right before the Olympics started! The group at the bottom, minus Keith and John, neither of whom came to the Star Tower, and me the photographer.

Now this is just frightening!

The group at the top, with John as the photographer this time

Finley and Rhys playing around at the bottom. Rhys was much more cooperative for pictures this time around for some reason. So, happy birthday to a cute little buki!


lexi said...

we had a fun time celebrating rhysie's birthday! and i just remembered about ij isaac getting tons of tickets on a game he said was broken... but then i tried to pay it and got like 2 tickets haha, and i love the star tower.

Jolynn said...

What a fun birthday celebration! I'll bet the kids had so much fun. They all look so cute playing the games. Wish we could have been there!