Saturday, November 3, 2012

Pretty in Pink

We found out that June 23rd was National Pink Day, and we decided a celebration was in order. We have such a plethora of pink lovers in our house, it turned into a major party. Pretty much the party of the year. Pre-party planning included dieing plain white shirts pink for Keith, Isaac, and Scott. One of the up front requirements of the pink party was that all guests must wear pink attire, so I figured those three might need some help. We decided to invite the whole Knight family over for the party.
We hung up streamers in two shades of pink in the doorway. Scott held the baby girl while we finished our preparations. (As certain friends of his would say, "Show her your fatherly side, Scott!" haha.) Lexi painted Sareny, Elise, and her own fingernails pink. Somehow between cooking, cleaning, decorating, getting everyone in their pink finery and so forth, I never end up with time for things like getting my nails painted.
Cute pink kids. Isaac was into the scary hands for these pictures...

We dined on a selection of pink (and some red) food. We had pasta with pink sauce, pink breadsticks, pink fruit with pink dip, and pink veggies with pink ranch dip. We also ended with some scrumptious pink cupcakes made by Lexi, but we don't have any pics of those. But they were pretty fabulous.
The table dressed in pink.

Lovely pink roses.

The happy couple with the baby girl.

It is clear that whoever took this picture (cough, Lexi, cough) did not even glance at the screen after snapping, because there is very little about this picture that is acceptable. It is almost comical how terrible it looks. But alas, it is the only family photo we got of the event.
A photo of the Knight family. Notice how expressions are pleasant, hair is neat, eyes open--this one's a keeper. I wonder who their fabulous photographer was?!
After dinner, we went outside for a pink pinata, which was filled with only pink (okay, some red may have been tossed in there as well) candy.
I love this one of the pinata sitting on Finley's head.
And I can practically hear Isaac shouting in this one, "No wild swings, Finney!"
Sareny ready to go.
A cute big sister.

And then the kids watched a show while Keith and I schooled everyone in Compatibility. We're still looking for a challenger who can best us. Some people may have been questioning what they were doing together after realizing just how incompatible they are. Not really, but we had to tease them. ;)

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lexi said...

haha! whatevs about you being a better photographer than me! i loved our pink party though! it was awesome. and one day i will beat you at compatibility!