Saturday, November 3, 2012

Two Birthdays!

My boy turned six this summer! How did he get so grown up?? He is such a sweet, smart, silly boy and we love him to pieces! For some reason, Finley started helping him unwrap all of his presents, and he was totally fine with it.
While we were at Grammy Jo's house, he saw a commercial for "dreamlites" and really, really wanted the puppy one. Keith is always saying Isaac takes after his mom, because he sees a commercial/infomercial for the latest and greatest product and is immediately convinced that our lives would be so much better with that product. They were a bit pricey, but that is the only thing he asked for, so Grammy splurged and got it for him. He loved it!
I got him this book, which caused him to immediately want to stop and have someone read it to him. It is called Revenge of the Dinotrucks, which, obviously, is the sequel to Dinotrucks, a favorite book of Isaac's that we already owned.
Lexi made some delish oreo cupcakes.
Four short days later, we celebrated our Finney-girl's birthday. In addition to her birthday badge, she wore this birthday hat all day. We went to the summer movies on her birthday, and at the last minute, I remembered that she got a free popcorn for coming on her birthday. Here she is in the theater.
Later she opened presents. Sareny picked out this fishing game for her.

She got Rainbow Dash. Isaac seems to be shooting it a covetous look...
Sure enough, here he is checking it out while she inspects the skirt from Grandma Nancy. Also interesting to note that although she was eager to help open all of Isaac's presents, she threw a fit when he tried to help her open hers.
 Baby Keeley hanging out.
Finley got a boogie board from mom and dad.

Declicious purple cupcakes, made once again by Lexi. Note the eyes not looking at the camera...this happens almost every time we take a picture.
A week later, we had a double birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. Lexi made pink and blue cupcakes for this occasion. And may I point out--the decorating kits we got from my friend Jill--one of the best things ever. They make fabulous cupcakes!

Cute birthday kids.
Isaac and his best friend Andrew...who sadly moved away just this week. :(
Sareny and her best friend Emily, who is Andrew's sister, and thus also moved away. :(
Playing some games.
Finley rode the bucking bronco. And so did Lexi. Unfortunately, the picture didn't turn out.

Finley and her best friend Sydney, who fortunately is not related to Emily and Andrew, and therefore did not move away.
Time for cupcakes and presents.
They had a great time.
And the birthday cuties had none other than Chuck E. Cheese himself draw this picture of them on their special day. Seriously the cutest thing ever!


lexi said...

thanks goodness the picture of me riding the bucking bronco didn't turn out! also, how did i become the new enticing icing cupcake designer? i feel like i have made more cupcakes since getting that kit than i have in my whole life. i don't even like cupcakes that much, unless they are the delish ones we have been making. those kids are so cute on their birthday! and i love the pic of your bronie eyeing up rainbow dash!

Jolynn said...

I love that picture at the end! Super cute. Looks like all the birthdays were totally fun.

holli jo said...

Bronies for life! Fun pictures. Cute birthday kids. :)