Saturday, November 10, 2012

Snow Day at the Zoo

We decided to head to the zoo one Saturday in July. I was kind of excited because we had been hearing about Winter in July on Radio Disney all month, which just happened to be the day we went. In addition to our family, we had Lexi and Scott, Holli Jo and Rhys, and Rhys's grandpa John in our group.

Cute cousins in the stroller.

Walking in to the zoo.

A baby girl just hanging out.

They had some huge mounds of snow that the kids played around in. Sareny is ready to give Isaac a rude surprise...

Rhys is thinking about giving this stranger a bit of a surprise as well...

Of course, the fake snow is never even close to the real thing, but it was still pretty fun.

These guys even had a bit of a snowball fight going on.
They also had some big inflatable slides that emptied into a little pool of water. The kids had fun, first going down the smaller of the two slides:

Then they braved the tall one. It looked super fun, and I daresay most of the adults were wishing we could have gone down and gotten wet too. Poor Finley didn't quite get the concept of the red one though--she climbed up the ladder part, then turned around and slid bumpity bump back down the ladder. It was pretty funny. She got to try again and do it the right way though.

Mommy and the kids at the African exhibit.

Isaac spotted this weird bird in the African Exhibit, and when we looked closer, we saw that it had a nest of eggs. Pretty cool.

The lion was way more alert than usual.

It was a pretty fun day. We saw some of the animals, and the kids ran around at the water cave area as well. By the end, we were pretty wiped out after being in the hot sun all day. You can barely see the top of Sareny's hair in the below picture, but she is laying on Lexi sleeping, who is laying on Scott sleeping, who is sleeping.


Jolynn said...

What a fun day. That fake snow idea is a good one. But poor Fin on the slide. I felt kind of bad for her when I read that.

lexi said...

the zoo was lots of fun, especially since it was a snow day. and we got to rock out to radio dis! maybe we should go to zoo lights this year.

holli jo said...

Lots of fun at the zoo! I love the pics of Sareny and Rhys getting ready to snowball people. Ha ha!