Friday, November 9, 2012

Star Tower in a Haboob

We decided to take Holl Jo and Rhys to the Star Tower one evening. I tried to get a cute picture of the cousins by the bridge, but Rhys didn't want to be in it, so it is just my kids. 

I love all the moving water here.  It's so pretty! As we pulled up to the Star Tower, Holli questioned the sanity of being outside when a haboob was on it's way, but we pressed forward. You can see the sky in the background is looking a bit dusty.

Finley posed so cute.

My IJ Isaac.

And Sareny is always up for a cute pose.

Or two...

Here we are at the top of the tower. The storm was really starting to kick up.

Some children you have to chase down to get a picture of them...

And some children just won't stop posing...

I tricked Rhys to get him to hold still by having Sareny give him a hug. Then I quick snapped a picture.

Cute Sissies.

And the posing continues...What cute girls I have! We had a fun time at the Star Tower, even with the threat of a duststorm looming on the near horizon.


cassidy said...

Oh my word! All the posing by Sareny Agnes! I guess if you got it, flaunt it.

lexi said...

watch out for the haboob warning! seriously that is the strangest word for a desert wind storm. but you got some way cute pics at the star tower, even though rhys didnt want any. and that sareny agnes is a bit over the top!

holli jo said...

Super cute pictures. And you just wanted to say the word "haboob" again! It was fun.