Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sareny's New Room

One thing that was hard to leave behind in our old house was Sareny's cute bedroom--we worked really hard painting her room and making it cute for her. It was particularly difficult for her since her new room had really ugly, dirty, flat white paint on the walls.

Well, it only took us two years, but we finally painted her new room, and it looks so adorable! I absolutely love how it turned out.

So cute! The beadboard was kind of a lot of work, at least it looked that way to me. I didn't actually do much by way of painting, or glueing, or nailing, but taking care of the kids while Keith does those things counts for something, right? Sareny also got a new zebra comforter with hot pink sheets.

Sareny wanted us to paint her new room exactly like her old room, but I pictured this looking perfect for a little girl's room. I don't think Sareny could picture what it was going to look like, but she ended up loving it.


lexi said...

i love sareny's new room! i would have loved having that as my room when i was her age... and who am i kidding, i still would!

Jolynn said...

I love her room too. I think this one will be able to last her for longer than the other one would have too. It turned out really nice. Keith did a great job with the beadboard.