Monday, November 5, 2012

Fourth of July Cuties

The kids all looked so adorable on the fourth of July, so I stood them in front of our house for a picture. I loved their matching hairbows. Isaac really wasn't as unhappy as he looks in the above picture...

Lexi found this cute red and blue shirt that was adorable either as a fourth of July shirt, or just for regular attire. She told me I should go get one, so I did, and we were matchy matchy on the fourth.
We had a fun barbecue at our friend the Hobbs' with a bunch of other people from church, then we all headed over to watch the fireworks and do sparklers. Lexi and Scott holding the baby girl.
Not only was this KeeKee's first time doing sparklers, but it was actually the first time any of my kids had ever done sparklers. Until recently, fireworks of any kind, including sparklers, were illegal in Arizona.
I bought some extra long sparklers, and the kids had fun with them.
Again with the eyes...
Me and my baby girl.

It was such a fun night! The City of Goodyear's lame fireworks show was nothing to write home about, but the sparklers and other little fireworks our group lit off were the highlight for the kids anyway.


Jolynn said...

Those shirts are super cute! I never did see them at Walmart, but maybe I should have looked harder. Triplets would have been fun, right? The kiddos looked cute. I'm glad Isaac's shirt still fit. It's pretty cute on him.

lexi said...

love our twin shirts haha! but we actually have multiple twin shirts... and it is important to note that i found them all first, but don't care if we are twins. the fourfa was fun, and im glad the kids got to finally experience sparklers!

holli jo said...

Fun times! And cute twinsies.