Wednesday, November 7, 2012

An Outing to Cabela's

I got off in my posts, and this actually happened before we dressed like cows...One evening Sareny had some fun plans with friends or something, and the other kids were sad they couldn't go too, so we decided to go have some fun at Cabela's.
I tried to trick Isaac about who was who in these photos, but he was too smart for that.
Cabela's main attraction--the shooter guns. Isaac called them that several years ago, and the name has stuck.
Finney shooting the guns.
Daddy got in on the action and helped Finley out a bit.
They had this little 4 wheeler that was just Keeley's size. It was so adorable! But seriously, what would anyone do with a 4 wheeler the size of a three month old?? I'm not really sure what it could possibly be used for.
We had a fun outing. These pictures are making me want to go back!


lexi said...

i have never shot the shooter guns before! it looks like fun. and that 4 wheeler is perf for leelee! i think she needs it! but really im quite confused about the usefulness of such a thing.

cassidy said...

Such a cute pic of Keeley on the four wheewher! I think she and Ivy look alike. Maybe that means they both look like their mamas. Anyways, sounds like a fun, free night.

holli jo said...

Silly pictures, especially of KeeKee on the 4-wheeler. Looks like you guys had fun.

Jolynn said...

I have never shot the shooter guns either. In fact, it has been forever since we went to Cabella's. Maybe we should do that sometime. I def think KeeKee needs that 4 wheeler. (I love how Cass said 4 wheewher!)