Friday, November 16, 2012

Trip to Utah part 3, Fun with the Heiners

After leaving the Q's house, we drove up to Lehi to Noel and Jewell's house, where we spent the rest of our trip. One morning, we drove down to Spanish Fork to visit Dorothy, Brandon, and their three kids Joben, Tavian, and Emery. We went to the splash park.

It was awesome, and the kids had so much fun!

Isaac and Joben.

Sareny and Tavian.

Finley was all wet and came and gave Keeley a hug--she didn't like it so much.

Keeley borrowed a suit from her cousin Emery.

While the kids played, the guys went and picked up some pizzas for our lunch. Finley loved playing with Emery. She kept trying to pick her up and carry her places.

After our pizza, the kids played around at the park. It was a pretty cool park!

Isaac sitting on the crazy spinning chairs that just keep going and going!

The kids all liked these ring things that Brandon was nice enough to spin around for all of them.

Sareny and Joben climbed up this rock.

Then they jumped off!

Isaac climbed the rock a little later.

I wanted a picture of the two little girls, but this is the best I could get.

Finley being cute.

The girls playing around on these hanging things.

Isaac had a conversation into these things with some other kids. He makes friends everywhere we go.

Sareny and Joben were pretty good friends.

We had such a fun time at the park visiting with the Heiners! So glad they moved to Utah for a few years so we can actually see them occasionally! 

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lexi said...

that park looks really fun! i bet the kids had fun getting wet and then running around at the park. why does it not surprise me that finley gave keeley a hug, and keeley didn't like it.