Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sweet Spirits Hangin' Out

These are the girls (and boys) I'm talkin' about. Just a typical evening at our house...a certain someone frequently tries to worm her way in between Lexi and Scott.
Cousin Rhys was in town, and the kids had so much fun with him!
Both boys were being silly in the first one, but made handsome faces in this one.
And baby girl wearing big brother's hat.


Jolynn said...

Cute pics. Sareny is such a teen mod sis in them! I can't believe she still tries to worm her way in between Scott and Lexi! Can't wait to see everybody again soon.

cassidy said...

Yes, Sareny the Teen Mod! Or should I say Tween Mod! Cute pics. Igits looks cute in his Hawaii shirt!

lexi said...

you are naughty to me! i am totes not a sweet spirit hangin' out! and now that i am looking at these picture, i realized scott still has my shirt, so he is naughty too. cute pics though.

holli jo said...

Cute pics. Rhys misses his 'cousints'.