Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Dress Like a Cow

Free dinner at Chick-Fil-A? We'll be there. You have to dress the whole family up as a cow and prance around the restaurant like this? Done.

Every year at the beginning of July, we head to our local Chick-fil-A for Cow Appreciation Day. It's pretty fun, and hey, it's dinner for free. Can't beat that. This  year we had a few extra people in our group. In addition to our family, we had Lexi and Scott, and Holli Jo and Rhys. That meant we had to make a lot of new cow shirts, because two of my kids had grown out of their old cow shirts, I needed a smaller cow shirt (yay!) and Keeley needed a cow onsie, in addition to the four shirts needed for the newcomers. Lexi and I sewed like the wind to finish up everyone's cow regalia. Okay, so free maybe isn't sounding quite so awesome now, but with the exception of the onesie, we'll be using these shirts for a while, so it works out. Plus also I didn't have to fix anything for dinner! Or clean it up!
Rhys, Isaac, and Sareny. Love that silly smile Rhys always does.
The sissies.
Mama and baby cow.

Cute cow kids. We look forward to this event every year. You should join us next time!


lexi said...

im glad you suggested scott and i do this with you guys, it was totally fun walking around like a cow! but i totally don't like fast food and got grossed out by my chicken. i didn't really eat much of it, or the fries because i don't like fries. we sure had to sew and sew to get those darn shirts finished in time. cant wait till next year!

cassidy said...

I can't believe all the shirts you had to sew! You guys are troopers. And Doozie, you're weird. Chick fil A is delish. I love their chicken nuggets and fries!

holli jo said...

So embarrassing! And Lexi, aside from the chemicals that make Chik-Fil-A taste good, at least the chicken isn't made of cartilage and other parts that are extruded and then soaked in ammonia and then dyed "chicken" color like most other fast food restaurants do. Yuck!

You guys put a lot of work into making all those shirts!!