Sunday, November 18, 2012

Trip to Utah part 5, Visiting the Fallstroms and Keels

We had so much fun with family on this trip! Noel and Jewell were so nice to put us up in their house. The adults played tons of games, and the kids ran around playing with their cousins. One evening, they took us out to dinner for Thai food, which was located in and old house that someone turned into a restaurant. It was kind of weird, but also cool. The kids all loved the chicken satay, and this is the only picture I took in the restaurant.

Later that evening, Dorothy and Brandon came over to join us for some games. We played an art gallery game, which I can't remember the name of. I lined up the cousins on the couch for a picture. Unfortunately, the youngest three children, Ian, Emery, and Keeley, had all gone to bed for the night, but fun to have a cousins shot nonetheless. Pictured below is Tavian, Tyler, Joben, Sareny, Katlyn, Finley, Isaac.

Even though we were mostly wearing comfy clothes (ie jammies,) I wanted a picture of the adults as well. We don't all get together very often. In fact, I think this was the first time in six years!

The following evening the Heiners had gone out of town, but my brother Jake came over to play games with us. They live about five minutes away from Noel and Jewell, so it was convenient to see both of them. Jake and Liz had just had a baby about a week before our trip, so the next day we went over to visit them in their new house. They've actually been in this house for probably two years, but this was the first time we had ever seen it, so we'll still call it new.

The kids all wanted to hold tiny baby William. He was so cute!

Isaac loves babies so much!

And I met my newest nephew as well.

Their house and neighborhood were super cute. It was really nice to visit with them for a short while. Then I lined the kids (minus baby William) up on their front porch for another cousins picture. I really tried hard to get a picture where everyone looked cute, but it was just too difficult. I had to pick this one, where Isaac doesn't look so fabulous.

I could have picked this one, where Isaac looks perfect, but look at everyone else...

Pictured above is Finely, Sareny, Keeley, Josh, Charlie, Isaac.


Jolynn said...

Looks like your trip was super fun. Was the sun shining in the kids' faces on those last two pics or what? That last one is pretty funny! Isaac looks perfect and the rest, not so much.

lexi said...

awesome that you got to see so much family on this trip. baby william was so tiny and cute! cute picture with josh and charlie! the last one is just funny though.