Monday, November 12, 2012


Before Holli, Johnny, and Rhys had to head back to Chicargo, we decided to go bowling. We loaded everyone up and headed out. KeeKee looked cute in her carseat and was ready to go.

It was a fun time. Keith was at work, so here is our group minus me. Poor little Rivvy got passed around from person to person as we eached bowled. No sooner would she get comfortable, and it would be time to pass her on. She got pretty tired of that.

The kids all had a great time.

Sareny and Isaac opted to roll the ball themselves.

Finley and Rhys used this to help them aim.

The Ronquillos.

The Fallstroms

Doozie and a baby girl.


lexi said...

bowling was supe fun. we need to go again so you can test out your amy duncan bowling form! im glad we were able to do one last fun thing with the ronquillos!

Jolynn said...

I'm wondering how you talked Holl Jo into bowling, cuz she is not a fan. However, it looks like it was way fun, so maybe she changed her mind.