Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Trip to Utah part 1, We stop at Grammy's

Can you believe I have made it to August in my blogging? I just may catch up some day. We decided to take a trip to Utah for our summer vacation and visit all our family on the way there. First we stayed at Grammy Jo's for a couple of nights.


Keeley loves her gram gram. We all look forward to the day when she can say, "gam-ee-jo!"

I love how she is smiling at her grammy in the above picture.

Grammy and Bampa had just gotten back from Hawaii, where they were staying with Cass after little Ivy was born. They got these flower leis at the PCC, which survived the trip back to their house, and the little girls got to wear the leis. Not sure what happened to Fin's pants, but I guess when you are four, things like pants don't matter so much.

Cute girls!


Jolynn said...

I had kind of forgotten about that little visit. It was quick, but fun. I love the last pic of Kee Kee with that lei swaddled around her little head. (and Fin DOES like to get in pictures these days!)

lexi said...

i spy fin's potty diaper haha! it was fun seeing you guys at grammy's, since i was still there for the dentist stuff. isn't this the trip where fin and bamps did robot parade?