Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Happy to Me

For my birthday, Finley wanted me to wear her birthday tiara and badge. I think I rocked it. :)
Two cute sissies
More cute sissies.
We got a little crazy on the floor.
Later we had some delish ice cream cake.
One of my cute birthday guests.
Another cute birthday guest.
And a parting shot of Keeley.
It was a pretty good day. And I just want to note here that Keith also celebrated a birthday in July, but there was no blog post about his big day and there was a good reason why. We invited some people over for dinner, but I was forbidden to mention that it was his birthday or take any pictures. So I hold myself blameless for this situation.


lexi said...

keith is just ridiculous about keeping his birthday a secret! i tell everyone its my birthday because i love having a day all about me (who am i being like?)! and girl you totes rocked the birthday badge and tiara!

Jolynn said...

I agree! I am going to start putting Keith's birthday in your local paper! Who doesn't like their birthday announced to the world??? (Keith, only) But it looked like you had a happy day!